Valentine’s Day

At my time, within one hour it’s Valentine’s Day. Something we supposedly all think differently about.

I personally don’t like it too much, though I normally celebrate it anyway ^^

But actually it’s got too many disadvantages in my opinion. The singles are depressed, the lovers feel in need to give their partner something.

Though you can also think of it as an opportunity to celebrate your love. But isn’t any other day just as appropriate to do so?

Aren’t you much more happier if your loved one brings some flowers along on a very normal day? And not when you expect him to?

That’s what I told my boyfriend because he wanted to get up early in the morning to get me some flowers. So I told him I’d be much more happier to have him stay in bed instead of getting some flowers I knew I’d get. He could me get them any other day just as well, couldn’t he? Still I got him some small present. But this was something I saw in the shop and would have bought anyway, no matter whether Valentine’s Day was knocking on the door or not.

But as said, you can always see the good side. You can spend a beautiful day together, just taking the opportunity. The lonely ones can take it as well, asking those they’ve layed their eyes on out or give them a surprise.

As a woman I can definitely confirm that, if you’re single you are simply WAITING to get somethin at this oh-so-special-day.

So, take the opportunity men, if simply to make somebody smile on this day!

Summarized: Share the love, take the opportunity! And this doesn’t mean Valentine’s Day only. But every day.

Have some love  =)



  1. I’m glad that you could spend some time with your boy-friend. It’s nice to see that at least pairs are getting along well at a day like this.

    Still, I don’t believe you when you say that as a girl you are waiting to get something on this oh-so-special-day. Today I learned something important. Girls or women don’t want a nice guy. They want to be treated badly. They want to get ignored and stuff.

    Because only when you treat them like shit you get loved back. That’s the truth of the world.

    From now on I’m going to be that ass-hole every girl is looking for. No need to work my ass off to make her happy. Too bad I didn’t notice until now.

    Love is evil and does more bad than good.

    Anyway – nice wordpress theme. Have a nice day.

    1. Hm, interesting comment .. I actually agree with you, but only a bit.
      My own opinion on this topic is that no girl EVER likes a guy who is completely nice and everything. We all need a small part of an asshole in a guy. but the emphasis here is on a SMALL PART. We all do need somebody who doesn’t agree with us all the time, who doesn’t do EVERYTHING for us. Those guys get boring after some time, that’s true.
      But no – we are definitely NOT looking for a complete asshole. We do want someone who brings us flowers, who’s opening the door for us and everything. Still it’s important they argue from time to time, or refuse to do something or similar things.
      Being a complete asshole will maybe get you a girlfriend, but let me tell you this won’t last long.
      I can tell, I’ve been in love with an asshole already and he nearly made me break. Yes, I loved him, but yes, I had to leave him because I couldn’t stand being together for him.

      Omg I actually have so much more to say than this.
      “Love is evil” might be a good next theme, check back 😉 I’ll most likely pick it up in my next blog!

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