Nobody’s interested in a title

Wow, it’s been a long time since I’ve written anything here. Actually, not since my first real post. Asking myself why I come to the conclusion it seems so meaningless to talk about things when nobody actually reads it.

I don’t even expect anyone to read this post (why am I still writing? probably just to write down my thoughts :D).

Further, we all do have a life, don’t we? I mean, who the hell sits in fron of the computer searching for random blogs that people published you dont’ even know?

I didn’t tell any person I know in real life about this blog because it’s a place to write down my thoughts – and I personally don’t want people near me knowing what I think about all the time.

Strange, I only wanted to leave a comment about not writing and now I’m actually posting something about blogging in general. I think I simply love to write down what I think …

Ah, so maybe I AM going to go on with this … For those people who search for random blogs here 😀

So, as to BE random, I’ll tell you what I’m interested in right now and what I’m doing:

I just came back from a trip to London and my very first music festival. I’m reading Dan Brown, The Lost Symbol, which is a pretty good book. I’ve read all of his books and I’ve gotta admit that they’re mostly following the same story line, but hey – they’re still good and hard to put away 🙂

Furthermore, I got back to my beloved One Tree Hill, watching Season 2 right now. Anybody loving it? I’m somehow into those American teenie series, then add some drawing and some music and I can’t withstand.

And, to complete the story: Right now I’m listening to The Gaslight Anthem – they were live at the festival – and sooo gorgeous!

Oh,and, erm … Hey, if anyone’s actually reading this  -it would lovely to KNOW you are, so just leave a small comment maybe? Thanks 🙂 I promise to reply too!


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