dance and dreams

do you dance?

i do. i’ve done since i was 14 I think, i.e. more than 7 years. back then i’ve been doing ballroom and loved it. i actually only started because of a guy i liked who was looking for a partner. and then suddenly i found myself loving to dance. i realized i had so much more self-esteem when  dancing i transferred into someone else. and i seemed to have a kind of talent for it. i never danced before, but i was very good at remembering figures and whole choreos. and i apparently have a talent to catch movements very fast.

4 years later my class split up and my great partner left to another fucking country. i started to study then but i always missed the dancing. i tried to find a new partner, but didn’t succeed. my boyfriend was not really interested.
so i started to try myself out. i had a modern dance class at my college but i didn’t like it very much and so i decided that solo dancing was not for me. i also tried some salsa with my boyfriend, but still, he wasn’t interested in carrying on.

and then i got frustrated. i missed dancing very very much – i hadn’t danced for 2 years. so i decided i should try out solo dancing again – but no modern this time. i booked a streetdance class. though hip hop was never my style of music i still loved everything with a really really good beat.

finally i had it. in october 2011 i had found a gorgeous teacher who really has some tempo in her class where it’s sometime hard to even keep up. i came hom from my first class with a broad smile on my face because i had learned very much in that one class and i loved it. this was not my teacher’s only class and i ended up doing hip hop in an advanced class and jazz dance soon after. there’s even a crew performing some shows whom i joined after only 3 months of training.
i got known as the one who remembers all choreos. my teacher even started to look at me if she had a blackout. realizing my posture was not the best i also started some ballet in april – nothing serious, only once a week at college.

at the same time i was finishing college with a subject i had already realized i would NOT want to have as a job and i was thinking about what i would do next. i actually started to research a bit about becoming a dancer. i soon realized i was far out of the range for a public dance school. i also discovered a few private schools in my town but the 300€/month shocked me. i also came to the conclusion that it was nearly impossible to get in without a classical education. and i was not the youngest at the age of 21 too.

so i scrapped the whole idea. and then i heard of an acquaintance trying out for my favourite private school in town – and she had no classical education either. she had already tried the year before but failed and went to london for a preparatory education for a year. i also talked with my dance teacher and they all encouraged me to try out.

i gathered all of my courage and went to the audition. and what’s left to say – i actually got accepted! i’ll be starting an apprenticeship as a professional dancer for contemporary dance in october!

so, after all this rambling, my final message is: dreams can come true! don’t be afraid to even try! money’s really going to be an issue, but hey – it’s my fucking DREAM!

i’d love to hear your thoughts on dancing, dreams etc. if i have the time i’d like to use this as a blog of  my progress in dance. so you just MIGHT expect some more posts for the next time.


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