progress, progress, progress

having stopped this blog pretty soon again after starting it (let’s just admit, i have too little time and am too lazy for this kind of stuff), i just decided i’d give it a go again.
why not record my progresses in dance, even if it’s just my kind of diary, and no one reads it? so what?!

for anyone who just might read this, and doesn’t know me, i’m a very late starter. 4 years of non-pro ballroom until 2009, nothing until 2011, hip hop in 2011, adding jazz in spring and finally ballet in summer 2012 – until suddenly (as sudden to me as to everyone) getting accepted at a private dance academy here in berlin to become a professional contemporary dancer. (yes, berlin, so there’s my excuse for any english mistakes, sry guys.)

so yes, that’s my very very short way to become a dancer (though deep inside i kinda know i’ve probably ever been one) – and that’s the reason how very far my way to being really good is. starting with posture, alignment, using my center, weight (i am the kind of normal weight girl, when all the boys say, you’re pretty fine, you yourself think it’s too much and you don’t like bikinis. yes, that kind of the 90% of every women in the world, that’s me too – yet) and technique. there are some basics to (non-ballroom) dance i wasn’t aware of and i often see myself learning something new everytime. by now i’ve been in school for 6 months, and i’ve grown thousands of muscles (feels like it anyway) and worked hard on everything i could get my hands on.and everyday i still think – there’s so much to do! but i also see the differences, just like everyone around me. my posture has become far better (being a former computer scientist you can only imagine how bad it was), i’m actually using my center in everyday life (only yesterday i realized that it has actually become akward to let my stomach really go, apparently i’m straining those muscles a bit all the time now, at least when standing).
one of my biggest problems is still rushing things. i often don’t even realize, but i soon rush from one movement to the other, without enjoying the movement itself – which makes me being ahead of time pretty often. but well, at least i know what the problem is and keep working on it all the time.without this solved, i’ll never look as good as anyone else.
on the other hand my biggest advantage is definitely learning fast. i learn choreographys much faster than most people and so can start working on myself sooner. though i tend to still concentrate on the choreography too much other than “just fuck the combination” (quote by my cunningham teacher) and concentrate on my technique.

and, last point for today – stretch, of course. a year and a half ago, before i started with hip hop and stretching at least once a week, my stretch was awful. having never stretched for ballroom or any other sport i did (oh, the growin sport addiction, a topic for another time), that was exactly how i looked. i could knock myself over for having been happy to at least being able to touch my toes on straight legs when standing. xD
on the other hand this is what really keeps me motivated when stretching. a year and a half ago, i could barely reach my toes, i would have never dreamed of splits, and sitting on the floor folding myself onto my legs or between my legs in second.
and today? i have my hands flat on the floor, arms bend, i can easily lay my head on my legs on the floor, i’m not far from my nose touching the ground in second and only 2 weeks ago i’m SO close to my left front split (on best days, front leg is flat on the ground, but back leg still slightly bend and about 3-5cm above the ground) and not much farther away on the right side (side split is still quite a bit away, but oh well, most of my class mates aren’t able to as well, though doing years of ballet). just finally ordered a deuser band for myself, to getting this one, too. and a better arabesque, my back leg (together with my back itself), ist just far too immobile. i’m really grateful for having two heights at the barre, i’m nearly looking at the ground when having my left leg on the higher barre (yeah, go laugh, i think it looks damn funny too!) – and no, right leg isn’t really better. anyone any tips for a better arabesque, maybe with deuser band? (apart from the around-the-foot-opposite-shoulder thing, i already know that one)

so it’s work, work, work, everyday. but knowing i only started such a short time ago and seeing where i am now, compared to my class mates having done ballet and other dance since being 6 or 7, i’m extremely proud of myself. though i sometimes wonder, where i’d be now if i’d started then, too.
okay guys, sorry for boring you, next time just don’t read 😀 if you actually have some thoughts, i’d love to hear them, so just comment (haha, as if anyonewould read this – well, mandatory sentence, right?).

i’ll really try to keep this up a sa diary of my own progress (just proving myself there is some).



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