Yes, I can be girlish!

Usually I’m not a typical girl – I’m not much into clothes, bags, shoes, jewellery, I don’t like to gossip, I love hard physical work (physically speaking), sports etc. Let’s just say, girly things are just not really for me.

But there is one thing, I’m crazy about – and that’s hair. I love hair styles, but I was cursed / blessed with hair that never does, what I want it to. I finally got it to being rather curly than neither straight nor curly (yes, I’m a curly girl, that will be a post on its own at some point…) – but the price for that was giving up any other control I ever had over it. And that also means, that most hairstyles are impossible (never held anyway…) because I can’t separate the strands. Oh well. I’m happy with it otherwise.

that thing I call hair xD

But that’s one of the reasons I immediately jumped to the task when the girls at the project I work at in the afternoon wanted to do their hair. And that’s the reason I did it again today. And I did such a fine job, girl after girl came asking for a hairstyle on their own.
waterfall braid try #1

waterfall braid that turned into sth else ^^

kinda Hunger Games tribute ^^

Well, sometimes being girlish can be very nice =)


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