what happens when you are suddenly faced with a lot of free time

And not for a short period of time. No, for a full year 😀 A full year with suddenly free evenings from 6pm. Well, talking about Monday to Thursday and that also minus 2-3 tutoring classes per week in the evening. Still, for someone who formerly had to work until 9pm nearly ever single day and had a lot of extra activities as well, this is overwhelming. And I realise I have to learn how to deal with it again. I’m just not used to spending quite evenings anymore! Because earlier, the only ones I had I usually spend doing nothing because I needed this time-out. And now? I kinda do nothing most evenings xD And I’d actually finally have time to do all the thousands of things again I didn’t find the time to in the last few years.

But, strangely as it is, I feel a bit empty. How enjoying free-time is something you have to learn … I’m not much into having a lot of free time, honestly. I appreciate it, but that’s why I like my weekends to planned with either activities or traveling (2 weeks ago Coimbra, this weekend Leiria), I still have the rest of the evenings free…

I wonder how other people cope with this and if they’ve actually ever been in my position? 😀 One thing I really like to occupy myself with is cooking … finally time for that =) (and baking, but I don’t have an oven 😦 😦 😦 )

Ok. Well. Really a very random babbling post today only. Felt like writing and this is what is on my mind =)

Oh, I’m thinking about buying a tablet pc again after mine, just half a year old, was stolen in April. Nice Christmas gift maybe…


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