Hey there, olá!

I´m Nadin, a non-typical German girl born in the big capital who decided, after finishing studying computer science and quitting a dance education after 2 years, to finally leave a country she never felt like belonging to and move to the country that caught her heart in only 6 days – Portugal =)

Here I’m currently doing an EVS, a volunteer service in Lousã, a small city in the mountains near Coimbra. Working on my Portuguese, occupying with youngsters (8-14) during the afternoons in their free time, teaching HipHop and doing whatever is fun with them. In the mornings I teach English classes to young adults twice a week.

I’m usually babbling about anything that crosses my mind and of what I think might be interesting to someone else out there. That often includes music, cooking / baking, traveling, Portugal, or completely personal stuff =)
I just simply can’t decide on a topic for a blog because that’s exactly how my life is – diverse, with a lot of interests! Hope you enjoy =)



  1. Portugal is really an amazing country!! I hope you’re enjoying your stay. Do you speak portuguese?
    By the way, you have an awesome blog here! Going to see it very often.:*

    1. sim, falo 😉
      yes, it’s an amazing country that won my heart within just a few days. 🙂 thank you for the compliment! I’m usually just writing down what’s on my mind n hoping, someone might be interested in that, and if not – oh well, I wrote it off my mind anyway 😀 I tried to put the blog into a category first, but it’s just impossible, I would need more than one blog xD
      I’m looking forward to seeing more from you, too! =)

      1. Ahahahah I just understand you! I’m in the same ship, I already have a few blogs cause what I wrote was more than about one thing! I’m liking reading your experience in here and looking forward for more texts! 🙂
        I just began today, but I’ll try to write everyday 😛 (don’t have much time cause of university)

      2. My time always depends … I had quite some time a while ago, but now I have a job in Lisbon for 2 weeks n am pretty busy 😀 n after that I’m actually going to Londo for 4 days. hope to continue after that ^^

      3. Hope you enjoy your trip and i really really really give you the suggestion to visit averything you can in Portugal, because there are awesome places!!
        Glad to know that you are having a new experience, keep writing and living :*

      4. eheh, i should post my travel plan some time on wordpress. i made a map a while ago, i traveled so much last year 😉 this year’s travel list is still small, but more to come 😛

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