Wordpress annoyance?!

Humph. So, before leaving for Coimbra last Friday, I had started to write a really nice long post about traveling and my way of traveling. And why I travel differently than most people. It was something personal and I really liked the beginning so far – and also had a full outline for the rest of the post, it was supposed to be quite long.

Today I log in to not see the draft anymore šŸ˜¦ wtf happened?! I had definitely clicked on the safe button multiple times, I had even already added photos …

Right now I’m not really in the mood to start overĀ again … Unless it mysteriously pops up again, I fear you will have to wait for this quite some time because I also have some other things on my mind to write about.

Expect a post on Coimbra and / or opinion on Erasmus people the next few days!