Estou a sourrir

I am smiling =) I still am, and i will continue to. I feel I am where I belong, even if not all is going well. I´ve been in Portugal since 3 weeks now (how I got here is a long story for another day). My whole self just cries out


and that is an amazing feeling. this is, what you should reach out for in your life. Life can never be perfect, but just this tiny feeling of well-being and belonging – that´s it. It doesn´t have to be associated with a location, it can be a person, a situation, anything. If it´s that one guy that makes you feeling well all-around? Then that´s him. You feel in heaven with your family surrounding you? Then that´s it. You feel at ease while traveling? Then that´s it!

I will travel myself this weekend again, even if it´s hardly 20km, to Coimbra 😀 Couchsurfing once more. A topic for another post. For today, just a cheering up.

Because even to me, something bad happened yesterday – and still, I really am fine. This  makes me really realize, how happy I am with my situation now. Be never content with where you are and what you do when you don´t have that feeling. And if it´s changing, then change yourself or your situation.

Too many people in this world stay where they are due to thousands of reasons. Follow your heart, please. Everything else will leave you with that what if feeling. Try and succeed or fail and try something else. What is the worst thing that can happen in this life? Think about it, truly do. And then think about whether it´s worth the risk.

For me, this means now traveling, moving to Portugal, trying out new things, wanting to change parts of my character concerning socializing. And somehow I managed to do that (or am doing that), even earn some money and pay back my loan to my parents. And learning something new EVERY SINGLE DAY. What did I learn today? I can be happy, even if I´m not happy with parts of myself (whoever is?), and parts of my situation. And why´s that? Because I followed my heart and I believe in what I did and what I´m doing.

Please share your thoughts =) What makes you happy? Do you feel you want to change something? And if so, why don´t you?!

Love, Nana

PS: The image is the lovely Porto (caralho!), not where I am right now. I wanna reactivate the blog and talk about my experiences here in Portugal, but for the moment this was the most important thing on my mind. =) Probably an entry about tiny cultural differences that can mean so much more to yourself soon!