all new(?) and chicken survival soup recipe

oh my, i really haven’t posted for a pretty long time … life has simply been to busy – by FAR!

by now, i’m in 2nd year (yay for that!) of my dance education, i split up with my boyfriend, had to try to find someone new to live with etc etc etc. with my new schedule my time is extremely limited. i get up at 6.20am and come home by 10pm … monday to friday. oh yes.

in the meantime, i’ve really been busy with nutrition and cooking. i tried to cook a lot more (on the weekends at least) and tried a few new things. and i’ve also come to the conclusion, that i’ll eat whatever my body tells me to do. all the time. that doesn’t mean i’m eating a whole bar of chocolate if i want some, but one peace. during the time i quit completely on all of this i was unhappy and i did not even lose weight. since i started to listen to my body, i lost some pounds and am feeling SO WELL!

so, the only reason i have time to post something here today, is because i’m ill. again… anyway, wanted to share my “chicken survival soup” recipe with you,passed down from my dad 😉

i know, on the picture, it kinda lacks the “soup” – honestly, i have no idea where all the liquid had gone by that time! i made it, i ate one plate, and when i returned to the pot 2 hours later, it was suddenly missing at least half of the liquid … don’t ask me!



Chicken Survival Soup

1 boiler
250g soup noodles
soup greens
1 small ginger
beans or peas or whatever veggies you like

1 onion
3 allspice berries
1 bayleaf

put ginger, onion and half of soup greens into a big pot, divide the boiler at least by 2. fill the pot with water until nearly everything is covered. spice with salt, pepper, allspice berries and the bayleaf. cook for at least 1,5h.
take out chicken and separate meat from bones. strain the soup, put meat back into the soup. take out soup greens and crush them through a sieve over the soup. keep on cooking the soup, insert the 2nd half of soup greens and whatever veggies you want (regard their cooking time!). taste the soup, you might have to spice again (i tend to add too little salt). also add the soup noodles. cook until everything is ready.

enjoy! 🙂