To Pimp A Butterfly

I didn’t know that Kendrick Lamar was about to give a title to my tattoo 😀 But of course I’ve been waiting for this album. Although only discovering Kendrick Lamar this year, I’ve been crazy about him since. I’m on my 3rd listen of the album and still not really sure, what I think of it.

First listen: I love Wesley’s Theory and King Kunta. Rest? Boring background music.

Second listen: Still love those 2. Actually skipped both interludes, starting to be disappointed.

But now? I’m at my third listen, this time more closely then the first 2, with even more attention to the tracks. Turns out, I actually kinda like For Free?, the first interlude, after all. It’s just so different and unexpected, and jazzy, that’s what made me dislike it in the beginning. And now I actually think it’s kinda genious! I’m still only halfway through the first listen (the still ongoing wifi problems make it very hard ….), but I already like the whole album way more then I did in the first two. I honestly think that this is one of the albums that you have to listen to a few times to really know if you like it or not.

And that appears to be a Kendrick thing for me. I remember, when I first heard Swimming Pool, I liked it, but I wasn’t very excited about it. The more I heard it, the more I loved it, and now I’m using it for my HipHop classes.

What I know so far about the album, is: I don’t love it. Which is a shame. I expected to, and I don’t. It doesn’t go anywhere near the last one, unfortunately. The one thing I love for sure is the title 😀 For those who know me in person, you know that I have a tattoo on my right shoulder, a butterfly combined with a clef. Yep. How to pimp a butterfly, 100% 😉 (you can check my deviantart to take a look at it if you want)


fave #4, a great woman: Alanis Morissette – You Oughta Know

So, today is Alanis’ big day 🙂 An amazing woman, with amazing songs, who achieved a lot in her life. I didn’t have an easy time deciding on one song, but settled on that one – Jagged Little Pill is a masterpiece. It does not belong to my favourite records ever, but that’s mostly because of the genre.
I’m still not happy with the lyrics actually, for me the song is a bit too dramatic and angry. Although, granted, don’t we all feel quite a bit of that after a breakup? leave your thoughts =)

fave #3, a double feature of AFI – Fainting Spells & Beautiful Thieves


I was considering for a long time, but in the end I just couldn’t settle down on one single song for them. AFI (a fire inside) has been a long-time favourite and Crash is one of my favourite albums EVER. And that means something, because I’m picky with whole albums. And these 2 songs are just amazing! AFI has a lot of great stuff, especially also from decemberunderground and Sing The Sorrow. You should not fall short of checking them out closely, if you haven’t already.

Btw, I’ll also introduce some waaaay less known artists here 😀 But going alphabetically through the current state of my list, there just happen to be a lot of known ones upfront 😉

fave #2, another classic: Aerosmith – Sweet Emotion

Well, following my list from up to down so far, it appears I’m a fan of the classics 😀 Funny thing is? I’m totally not, I just love some stuff. As in, I never listen regularly to a lot of AC/DC or Aerosmith. But who can deny the greatness of those songs?!

Keep your eyes and ears open for more stuff coming from me. I’m currently in Lisbon for a while for a job (yes!! an actual job!) and will definitely post about that soon. Right now I’m a bit busy with getting the work done – deadline is next Friday, as I’ll go to London for 4 days to visit one of my best friends (post up coming for that too, obviously).

Back to topic, what’s your favourite Aerosmith song? And why?

favourite #1, a classic: AC/DC – Back In Black

Shame on you if you didn’t already know this song. Let alone, the band ôO. For now, I’m assuming you know both, you better do!

AC/DC are of course a classic, and not without reason. Honestly, I don’t listen to them too often, but if I’m in the mood for some old stuff, they are on my playlist without doubt. Back In Black definitely belongs to my favourites – I was trying to think of an explanation why I especially like this one, but actually I think I’m unable to give one. Listen. Should say it all 😉

yes. music.

After having been inactive for a while with a lot of thoughts, but nothing I really wanted to share, I’m back here writing 😉

Those of you following my blog already know, I write about whatever is on my mind the most right now. The past few weeks this has not been traveling, nor cooking, nor particular things of life in general, but music. Yes, one of the reasons I started this blog initially (such a long time ago … did I mention I feel old?!). My passion for music has accompanied me for many, many years already. Such as my music taste changed and widened all the time. The past few years my concentration has been very much on dancing and on music mostly this far that I was looking for fitting dance music for either HipHop or contemporary. So I actually hadn’t followed the news in the music world at all, I missed out on new albums of bands I really like, forgot about some I discovered and started to love, etc. I was simply missing the time, working so much …

Well, this changed. I have time now, and I got sick of watching movies n TV series all the time. But there was something particularly happening that made me realise again how deep my passion for music actually is and which made me question why I abandon it. And yes, I’m talking about a guy I met beginning of this year. Actually, met online first. Met in person later, but this is a whole different story I do not really want to share 😉 Anyway, he’s partly working as a music critique, generally very affiliated to music, etc. I happen to know his best friend as well, also extremely interested in music and in a band himself. Talking to him we soon started sharing music, sometimes a few songs or bands daily. Our taste is very similar and I started discovering some amazing stuff. And I totally delved into this passion again. I also know why I had to abandon it – it’s an addiction!! My music library is growing and growing – and I’m actually really picky.

He also inspired me, after making a list of his favourite bands and a favourite song of them, to do my own. I started over 1,5 weeks ago (while he did his in a few hours XD) and by now I have a first draft. The “problem” is, that it made me rediscover a lot of stuff I had nearly forgotten and also reminded me of so great artists I have to dig deeper into! So it’s still a BIG work in progress. And I did all of this BEFORE going through his list, which he gave me. This will lead to even so much more 😀

So anyway. Get to the point Nana. I decided to share this list with you, bit by bit. It consists of big bands everyone knows, to really unknown small / local ones. But I love every single one of them. (By the way, right now this list is just short of 200 entries. And still growing :D) At the same time, realising I have EXTREMELY few complete albums I love, I started to list those as well. But that’s an even bigger WIP. Funny thing is, that list makes the time I listened to more music very obvious. And so far there are only 3 albums after 2012, out of 25 entries (yes, I’m really extremely picky concerning full records). By the way, I also picked up the guitar myself again…

So yeah. Expect more music soon. I’ll post my first band later. Not necessarily in alphabetical order, but usually it will be. Hope you have fun with that =) It won’t be daily and don’t expect me to write every day any time soon (especially because I’m leaving again for Porto tomorrow night – no sight-seeing, mostly celebrating a friend’s birthday and enjoy being with them 😉 but I’ll find time to go to eat my favourite francesinha for sure!! That will also mean spending Valentine’s Day with friends n party preparations – definitely a good choice if you ask me 😉

I also have some new (improved :D) hairstlyes and travel photos to share (serra da lousa, cascais / lisbon, figueira da foz), I’ll hopefully post them soon 🙂 oh and I started to teach dance here regularly … argh, another different story *add to mental todolist* XD

até já caralhos =)

ps: feel very free to add me on!