Stay With Me – Or, never mind. Go. Please.

Just a short post, because I want to share a funny story with you guys – Yeah, I had my share of experiences concerning online dating. Always started out of boredom, nothing ever really happened, although I did actually meet some. I simply dont really believe in it, it’s still a big portion of luck – and I’d actually not even want to meet my significant other online.

But sometimes, what you enconter is absolutely hilarious and so worth passing your free time. I’ll probably write more about this at some point, but for tonight just 2 of the worst pickup lines I experienced:

1) A guy whom I started talking over facebook, actually only about a flat in Berlin. 10min after calling me a Nazi girl (long story), he asked me if I want to go out for a drink because I was actually pretty. Guess my answer.

2) This message I just got from a guy I got in touch with a while ago over Tinder (n stopped talking months ago, for some reason he texted me again today). After telling me that I look beautiful etc (ugh. I just kept texting back out of boredom. He already lost his case in the way he said it.), he honestly writes the following “I hate it when girls are ugly.” I answered “I hate it, when guys are unlikeable and superficial. He didn’t get it. Apart from being a douchebag, his intelligence obviously got a big leak somewhere as well.

What’s the worst you heard girls?!